When there are Islamic festivals like Eid, overseas Pakistanis head towards Pakistan for celebrating these festivals with families. But there is more to come with these holidays. Apart from enjoying with family, there is time for such overseas people to think about investing in Pakistani properties. It is good to invest in home country because you are sure that there are people who will be available to manage all you invest even when you are abroad. This is one of the reasons why there we see channeling of significant investment boost in Pakistan during holidays. In order to assist you in such investment we have compiled list of investment options. These are the options where your profitability chances are much higher. Though entire country has great opportunities, here we will focus on major cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.


Market of Lahore real estate includes best options in the form of DHA. This name pops out to mind as it is the safest investment option. All Lahori expats best options are to invest in houses in Phase 5. This safest bet will let you earn higher returns in the near future. There is a high demand of the houses in DHA phases particularly advance phases. Prices of houses in these phases are increasing with each passing day. For buying plots in DHA for go for 8 & 9 phases. Another option to invest is that of Bahria Town that offers great returns for investment.


For investment for shorter time span with intention of selling these later on or intending to construct houses your preferable choice is PECHS. It is located near Islamabad International airport. There is significant development seen in that area and it going to be a major one in the future due to its location. Investors who are interested in plots and houses equally, they should go for E-12 sector. E-11`s neighbor is among most expensive locations in Islamabad and it is expected that prices will rise like that of those in E-11.


This is a big city and similar to its size there are bigger investment opportunities for real estate investors. Builders and developers are much active in Karachi. Whether your intention is to make investment in commercial properties, plots or residential houses, all is here in Karachi. Society that is well enough with respect to investment opportunities. Society with major investment options in DHA. Projects such as Creek Vista and DHA city are the main attractions for not only local but also overseas investors. There are other names for upcoming projects including DHA phase 7, Crescent Bay by Emaar Pakistan. Emaar developers are one of the best known developers with many big projects not only in Pakistan but also in Dubai. It is thus assured that all of the work it does have a recognition of reliability and standards.

Being major cities of Pakistan, these investment opportunities are great. For a bright future while being an investor you must avail these opportunities now.


Real estate is a profitable business. There are few tricks that work for being a successful real estate owner. With stock, only return comes in the form of value appreciation or selling it at higher price. Real estate provides way of increasing cash flows in multiple ways.


Rental income from tenants is a great source of income for investors. One of the main prospects of a property owner is higher rentals that need no exaggeration.


One of the ways for instant profits is in the form buying property for less value. This is a value lower than what market demands. For this one need to have strong negotiation skills with quick ability to make dealings and thinking foreclosures. Now that you have purchased a property successfully, next step could be to rent it out or to sale it. With an intention of selling you can try to get higher price by making slight improvements in the property such as renovating.


If rentals are financed by using mortgage, one is increasing its equity with each payment of mortgage. An increase in net worth can be seen by comparing what you are paying for mortgage and what you are getting as rental. At the end of mortgage, you will not only be consistently earning but property will be there with you for further dealings.


There are different ways of renting out your property. You can divide rooms between different tenants. For example it could be used as apartment for students or for Jobies you can charge per room rent. Similar to this multiple stores house can be rented to multiple families with rent to be received from each one. Family houses can be divided to duplexes or triplexes for increasing rent. Renting property to businesses is also a good idea. These are different type of tenant and also pay higher rentals than families. It is good to be well-aware of the details of business. Foreign companies are good tenants and often pay higher rentals than local businesses.

Real estate property prices are also increasing. If you have purchased a property or own a property now its value will be higher in the upcoming years and thus you will be able to get higher amount. So, those who are thinking whether they would invest in real estate or not, go for it. This will be your safest investment that will be increasing in value with each passing year.


CPEC is the project that will be the leading factor in the development of Pakistan. Tasks under CPEC are expected to generate millions of jobs in different sectors in Pakistan by 2030. It is expected that real estate industry will experience a boom and there will be an increase of 4 times the present growth rate. Prices of residential and commercial properties will increase multiple times in the approaching years.

A unanimous opinion is made by the enterprise stakeholders that CPEC outcome will be a faster upward rise in the values of properties as well as movement arteries in the rural and suburban areas.  It is mainly authentic in case of Havelian that is the 2nd largest municipality of Abbottabad district. In Havelian dry port will be constructed for which huge FDI is mentioned for acquisition of both commercial and residential plots in adjacent regions. Houses that were considered to be worthless few years back are now worthy pieces since initiation of CPEC. We being experts of real property have estimated existing price of those economic belongings to be $300-$700 billion. Gwadar is the main city where many housing schemes as well as industrial buildings are under construction. End result is that prices of land have increased three folds. It is expected that port city will grow to be the best property investment destination in the region of Asia.

Multiple housing schemes have also been released by the Baluchistan authorities apart from those introduced by personal builders. These housing schemes come with cutting edge facilities and centers along with leisure projects for catering demands with changing conditions. These demands are mainly by the Chinese expatriates for well managed residential communities. Resultantly corresponding increase in both funding & improvement of the retail projects is also experienced. Developers & builders in Multan, Lahore and Faisalabad mention increased interest in residentially there. Their interest is because of counting on costs that will rise with introduction and accreditation of more and more tasks under CPEC.

CPEC driven commercial enterprise & funding has another road of improvements in the form of SEZS. There will be eight such zones with one zone in each province. One zone will be in AJK, one in GB, one in FATA and one is ICT. Area of such zones is yet to be finalized but provincial consultations are under progress. It is expected that these zones of SEZS will be industrial hubs pastime inside USA. As a result of CPEC employment rate will also increase. There will also be increase in production, transport facilities, residential schemes & commercial properties schemes for catering daily necessities.  Actual increase cannot be predicted but it is for sure that property prices are going to rise within these regions. As a result these are great places to make an investment for real estate.

CPEC will increase margins of profitability in the country with respect to real estate with a promising outcome.  The right thing is to be aware and know when and where to invest.